The Oxford Public Library has a fine collection of books, videos, DVDs, books on tape and more. The library houses over 10,000 books, and the video collection of more than 2,000 tapes goes from Aladdin to Zorro!

A map and driving directions to our library may be found here.

I have noticed several quality history books being checked out and would like to see if we could put together a little history buff group. To start with, we will gather around the table and drop names of good authors and good books. We have received a generous donation of history books and are putting together an attractive display for our shelves.  Look for something happening in March. If you are a lover of history, you belong with us.

We are looking for information about John Muir for a library exhibit. If you have anything we could borrow and display in a locked glass case, please call. We have one patron and his grandfather that might be able to make one of Muir’s inventions. John Muir must have enjoyed woodworking and especially clocks and gears. His book-page-turning -device should be in every home, IMHO. We are especially interested in John Muir because this summer we will be highlighting him in our Summer Reading Program.

And now, I would like to put out a call for anyone with Spring Fever. Our gardening section of the library is full. We have information on new trends and techniques as well as the tried and true. Winter is a good time to prune some plants and for some purposes. Don’t just guess! Come in and check out a guide to help you. If it’s greener and less work you want, do stop by. What are invasive plants and why should you know about them? Have you heard of permaculture? How about vermiculture?

I was amazed at the size of the crowd this past weekend at the Garden Expo in Madison. There were so many people you could not move down the exhibit isles. The classes they offered were standing room only! That tells me that gardening is back and bigger than ever! Young people are more interested! Beginners and master Gardeners alike were all happy to be there, you could just tell. And the Organic  Banner is still flying high. I was in one class and the speaker said he uses Roundup once in the beginning of commercial projects to kill all the vegetation. The air sucked right out of the room. It was a physical phenomenon I have never experienced before. Complete non-breathing silence for seconds. Long, long seconds.

I am not going to speak about herbicides here, but if you want to find other ways to kill vegetation, we have books here to help you.

Inviting all homebodies! Inviting all folks with illegible handwriting! Inviting all who want to just get out and try something new! Next month on March 17th at the library we are beginning a Calligraphy Class. Come in and see what you can learn. The class is free. If you would like to purchase a special pen for $2, you may. This is open for anyone aged 6th grade and up. Please register either at the library or call (608) 586-4458. The class will run for four sessions from March 17 –April 7th.

One final reminder, we welcome babies and little kids. We have a Tot Time every Tuesday evening at 5:30 P.M. Babies up to 3, with a parent or caregiver are encouraged to come. We do little reading readiness activities like finger plays, short stories, puzzles, and songs. There is plenty of time for free play in our safe environment. Then on the first Thursday of each month we throw the same kind of ‘party’ for those who want to come during the day. It’s all good. Developing a love of reading right from the get-go is proven to help children with school success and success later in life. Get started on the right foot right here at the library! Don’t wait until your child hits school age. There is a lot those little brains can easily learn right away! Why not make it purposeful with a good rate of return? Here is scientific proof put into action! Come join the fun!

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