The Oxford Public Library has a fine collection of books, videos, DVDs, books on tape and more. The library houses over 10,000 books, and the video collection of more than 2,000 tapes goes from Aladdin to Zorro!

A map and driving directions to our library may be found here.

While we were deep in the book I Stink, by Kate McMullan, the thought came that this is one dad who is succeeding in an arena not all men feel comfortable. He enthusiastically followed along and encouraged his boy to answer questions, make the right sounds and participate in the after story play. We made a garbage truck out of two small boxes and left the back open to receive garbage bags the boys wadded up and threw in. Playing after a story is actually an importantliteracy component and they were doing it well.

I asked Bill Holtz why he brings his kids out even though the thermometer hangs around zero. He said this is part of their week, it's not out of the way much and the library is a good and safe place to bring them before they have to leave home for school. Neither boy qualified for Head Start or any other progrqam, so he appreciates the take-home handouts and knowledge of the why and what of pre reading preparation.

Bill said he couldn't do it without the support of Barb, his wife. She makes sure he does adult type activities like fishing and such. His mom helps him as well. "It was easier with just one child, but now that we have Charlie it's no longer man-to-man defense. It's zone defense." Even though we all nodded and got a good chuckle out of that, you can tell he is not just biding his time. He is deliberately doing all that he can to help his children succeed.

Preschool Story hour starts at 10 AM on Thursdays. A baby/toddler time designed just for them will commence April 2nd at 10:30, directly after Preschool Story Hour.

We are OPEN! unless the weather is so bad that schools have to close.  You can always check by calling our number:  608-586-4458.

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